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The economic situation in the European Union and the West in general is now since 2008, is in serious economic downturn and not by more tangible signs of improvement.

This trend is not supported by policies aimed at recovery and at development.

Just think of the short circuit linked to bank credit for businesses now virtually stopped, the close of business, unemployment and the sovereign debt of many countries is steadily increasing and virtually out of control.

In this scenario the maneuvers as further depressing as the increase of taxes and the tightening of banking regulation leads us to difficult to think of a shooting and still in a long-term forecast.

Europe is divided more and more. While countries outside the eurozone grow at pace even argued, those inside, including the strict Netherlands, no longer know run.

And Italy is in the group of the slowest, together with Spain and two nations saved by the IMF, Greece and Portugal. As emphasized in the Anglo-Asian bank HSBC: "Three speeds for Europe are too many.

There are too many imbalances too many disparities. Maybe we should rethink the whole system. "

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