Naeem Azam Kshmiri

Brand Development Dirtector

Toni Algerini

Business Development Europe

Massimiliano Sordi Castagneris


Nasir Rehman Sheikh

Regional Director

Enrico Pomatto

Head of Hotel & Leisure

Strategy is nothing without execution. We help ambitious organizations  to design strategies and put them to work.

We get close to our clients. We learn their business. We develop precisely tailored, custom strategies that serve them best. Our clients are our partners. They have a stake in our solutions and we have a stake in their success.

Companies are different, why should solutions be the same?

We take the time to understand how our Clients operate and design solutions to fit their specific needs. But we don’t stop there. We’re always thinking about the future. Our strategies are sustainable and our solutions go beyond the short-term fix. We solve the problems of today and pave the way for long-term growth and efficiency